“Strengthening School Districts And Communities Worldwide Through Arts”

The Arts – Entertainment Educational Career Expo and Concert Event will be held at the Cleveland State University on July 27th, 2019. The Arts – Entertainment Educational Career Expo will also provide participants with the opportunity to pursue a career in the world of entertainment and assist students academically through academic discipline for the success of their future. Poise Entertainment Education Company and the “You Can Do It” program will release their new book showcasing the City of Cleveland youth and the enormous industry of arts and entertainment 2019.

The “You Can Do It” program has as its goal, to introduce youth the variety of occupations emcompassed by the entertainment industry and the academic and practical preparation necessary for the pursuit of those occupations.
The “You Can Do It” program was not designed to teach youth how to play the piano, dance, sing, tell jokes or deliver a television feature story, it is rather designed to make young people aware of entertainment as a creation of talented hard-working and usually well-paid individuals, who not so long ago were in school themselves. Furthermore, it is designed to show the relationship between their school studies today and their success in an occupation tomorrow.

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